Street series

DBA???s Street Series direct replacement rotors are for drivers seeking OE level braking performance or better. Manufacturing above OEM standards is our minimum requirement. Street Series rotors are available with several added benefits including EnShield (E), cross drilled and slotted and T2 bi-directional slot (S). DBA recommends the Street Series for daily drivers, light commercial and SUV applications.

4000 series

DBA???s 4000 Series direct replacement single-piece disc brake rotors are designed for drivers seeking improved braking performance.

The 4000 Series is DBA???s most popular choice for performance upgrades, featuring DBA???s patented Kangaroo Paw ventilation system, high carbon cast-iron, Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP), Thermo-Graphic paint markings and T3 slot*.

DBA recommends the 4000 Series for high stress applications including performance vehicles, SUV and 4??4, towing applications, light commercial vehicles (utes & vas), armoured vehicles and light track day duties.

5000 series

DBA???s 5000 Series rotors are a composite 2 piece direct replacement brake rotor, combining high carbon cast-iron rings with aerospace grade aluminium hats (T6061-T6).

The 5000 Series share all the performance technology featured in the 4000 Series, with the added benefits of weight reduction and improved heat management via the aluminium hats. The use of aluminium hats also allows for uniform radial disc expansion and lower heat transfer from disc to hub.

DBA???s 2 piece 5000 Series allows users to re-use their 5000 Series aluminium hats with replacement DBA flat disc rotors (rings) available.

DBA recommends the 5000 Series disc rotors for high performance street vehicles, track day and club racing and rally sport applications.

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